Magnetic Necklaces

Magnetic necklaces are used for back, neck, shoulder pain, arthritis, vertigo, throat pain, headaches and more.  We are using magnets on acupuncture points to help people heal from various ailments.  There are many acupuncture points in the body and especially in the neck and upper chest. See our chart of acupuncture points explaining where the points are in the neck and upper chest.  Magnets and magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years in the East to help the body heal naturally.  We use magnets on acupuncture points to help people heal from a specific condition.

You can wear the magnetic necklace at varying lengths to hit these acupuncture points with the use of an extender or by using our magnetic wraps.  All of our necklaces are 18 inches long and are secured by using a magnetic clasp.  Our magnetic wraps are 36 inches long and can be worn as a choker, lariat style, doubled or as one long necklace.  The magnetic wraps can also be worn as a bracelet when wrapped around the wrist.  The magnetic wraps can also be an anklet when wrapped around the anklet.  They have no clasp and stick together using just the magnets.  So, whether you use a magnetic necklace or a magnetic wrap, you can hit the acupuncture point intended.

Pairing magnetic necklaces with other pieces of magnetic jewelry such as magnetic rings, magnetic bracelets, magnetic anklets, etc. can help speed up or compliment the healing process.  You can safely wear as many pieces of magnetic jewelry as you desire.  The only precaution is to NOT wear magnetic jewelry if you have a pacemaker, defibrilator or are pregnant or nursing.

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