I bought a magnehealth bracelet at a drugstore here in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have worn it everyday for at least 6 months now. I truly believe it is helping with my carpal tunnel and the bulging disc in my neck that causes me to have a numb shoulder, arm and wrist in the same arm. I have lost it, it became loose and I believe it flew off somewhere. I am absolutely lost without it! I have searched everywhere and can not find them anywhere. So I had the one that said for carpal tunnel, tendinitis, arthritis and more…it was tiger eye and hematite I believe. So, I would like to order 2 more, but I just need help in picking the correct one. I am sure all the gems have different healing properties.

~ Mia

A friend got a bracelet for Christmas and loves how it works.

~ Lynn

I bought one of you anklets on my holiday to Montauk New York back in June 2016. I wore the anklet all the time but lost it while getting changed at the gym back home in the UK. I cannot find anyone in the UK who sells them in this country. Can you please help me as I found wearing the anklet did ease my insomnia and feel lost without it.

~ Sarah

I really like them they work, I can’t believe it but they do thank you.

Helps with tendinitis & arthritis, they are great!

Thank you,
~ Loretta

I lost the web site where we purchased the rings for migraines. I had your email address in my address book from previous purchases. They are black with a black large ball, with crystals beside it with the small magnet balls around. They are worn on the left middle finger. Do you still sell these? I would need 5 size small. They really work. They have reduced my daughter and my migraines considerably.

Thank you,
~ Brenda

I purchased three of the magnetic rings from a boutique in Linden, in August. Thought I would try the appetite suppression idea. I will say I have lost three pounds in about 1.5 months. I think that's great! My goal is a total of 15 pounds. I feel in about a year I will be where I want to be, regarding weight. That's a realistic goal and I'm excited. Quick weight lose has never worked for me. The weight came on over time and I feel that's the best way to lose it.

~ Carolyn

I have been using the rings for Arthritis but, I had been very successful with them on a sprained ankle in the past! I was so lucky to find your email on the instruction sheet! I recommended to my sister also! Have a great day!

~ Rita

… a couple weeks ago my mother came across one of your rings and it's been helping her a lot and I was wondering where I could order one? She bought hers in Massachusetts and I live in Utah.. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out!

Thanks a bunch,
~ Brita

I have done very well wearing my little ring. Broke it yesterday and today I woke up with a headache. Can you please send me 3 rings? Black beads little silver ball, size small. I wore it on my right hand middle finger. Moving my bracelet to the right now. I am in Dallas. There is something to these magnets. Do you want my credit card info? Just reply.

~ Mal

I have purchased rings from you before; both via email and at the Boston Gift Show. They really are magic. My daughter, niece, cousin and myself suffer from migraines and these rings really do help. I can't remember if I sent you a check, but I do need a couple more small rings; the black stone in the middle. Can you let me know the price again and I will send you a check.

Thank you,
~ Brenda

That is so nice of you to send me another ring. It was size small with the large black stone in the middle. You do stand behind your rings. I think that they truly work for my arthritis. I’m a good advertisement for your rings as I’m always showing them off and telling everyone how much it has helped me. Again, thanks for taking care of me.

~ Paula

… I have to tell you what happened to me in yoga tonight. We were doing a lot of poses that had me using my wrists.  I have had problems with my wrist hurting when supporting my weight. Well anyway, my right wrist was hurting and I had on the tiger’s eye wrap, changed it to my right wrist and I couldn’t believe it but the pain went away!!! Not only am I a walking catalog but also my own success story.

~ Carol

Just a question:  I bought a magnet ring for arthritis.  And it seems to be helping.  Then I noticed that there are 3 fingers on the right hand designated for arthritis.  Does that mean any of those fingers will do or that you should put a ring on each finger?

Thank you very much!
~ Judy

Just wanted to give you a heads up on two things:

I gave a few of my co-workers and family members your jewelry and everyone loves it!  My secretary is down 4 pounds in 10 days!  I think this item is going to be a hit in two of my stores!!!”

~ Anna

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I was talking with my brother yesterday and he is interested in speaking with you about carrying your rings. He has a shop on the coast and was so impressed with the results he has had, he wants to spread the word. I gave him the band I got for my husband.  He has not had a migraine since he put it on!!

~ JoAnn

My niece has a persistent heart burn issue and I wanted to get her a ring also.  Do you have a chart that shows how magnets can help this sort of issue?  Or maybe you know off the top of your head?

I also need something for a 12 year old with a nasty attitude toward her mother.  Not sure if magnets work for that?

I love my rings, the appetite suppressant thing a-ma-jig works really well!

Warm regards,
~ Erin